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Traveling into Mexico requires a passport or passport card.
Ensenada Baja Ensenada Baja Ensenada Baja

Ensenada tours are specifically designed for the active citizen.

We are not a rush tour, our goal is to provide you a relaxing weekend that includes sightseeing, fine dining and comfortable accommodations.

Our 2/3 day packages include:

-A buffet breakfast at the fabolous Coral Marina Hotel.
-A brunch at famous restaurants. The rest of the time you will spend at various activities, including visiting the Bufadora, casinos, museums, wine tours, as well as visiting the Main Street shopping disctrict.

Ensenada Baja Ensenada Baja Ensenada Baja

6:00 am Depart from Location: (San Diego CA.)
8:00-9:00 am Snack on the road
11:00 am Arrive at Ensenada. Brunch buffet at the Best Western El Cid Rest.
1:00 pm Room and Board accommodations at the Trailer Park.
2:00 pm On the road to the Famous La Bufadora Blowhole: (a natural sea geyser).
5:00 pm Departs La Bufadora.
Night time "Caliente" Casino time.
Morning Continental breakfast at home
9:00 am Wineries tours L.A. CETTO
3:00 pm Fish tacos at Ensenada Famous Fenix Tacos.
4:00 pm Tour of Ensenada (black Fisherman Market, Pacific Rivera Casino, walk on fashionable shops of First street).
Evening Stop at El Mirador for 360 degree view of Todos Santos Bay.
9:00 am Brunch Buffet at the Coral Marina Restaurant
11:00 am Departs from Ensenada
5:00 pm Arrive at San Diego. (Approximated time).

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